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Dr. Avraham Schreiber, MD graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1995.

Following his medical school journey, he embarked on six years of rigorous residency training across two distinct programs. He successfully completed residencies in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, earning board certification in both specialties. His professional path led him to serve in various Emergency Departments across the tri-state area, where he gained invaluable experience in diverse healthcare settings, ranging from small community hospitals to high-volume tertiary care centers. In these dynamic environments, he managed a wide array of acute medical conditions, from severe trauma resulting from major accidents to cardiovascular emergencies, neurological events, and myriad illnesses.

Transitioning to the field of Urgent Care, he assumed a pivotal role in overseeing and guiding fellow physicians within the urgent care chain, contributing his expertise to optimize patient care.

With years of firsthand experience in acute care, Dr. Schreiber's attention turned towards the effects of aging, particularly as observed within his own family. Motivated to explore therapeutic avenues, he delved into scientific literature beyond conventional medical training. This pursuit led him to immerse himself in the field of anti-aging medicine, undergoing extensive training under esteemed mentors and becoming proficient in the evolving landscape of anti-aging and restorative medicine.

Driven by the profound potential for enhancing well-being, Dr. Schreiber embraced the ethos of elite health medicine, focusing on proactive measures to enhance vitality and longevity. His patients often remark on his compassionate and approachable demeanor, highlighting his genuine care and dedication to their well-being.

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