Terms Of Service


By engaging in transactions with The Remedy Realms, you agree to pay all fees associated with the requested services at the rates and according to the payment terms presented to you. You will be prompted to provide payment details, including credit card information. By submitting your payment information, you authorize The Remedy Realms, its affiliates, or third-party payment processors to charge the specified amount, including recurring fees for Subscription Services as defined below. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for all fees related to receiving healthcare and pharmacy services, including any fees charged by healthcare organizations or providers involved in providing services through The Remedy Realms. Payments made to The Remedy Realms may include fees collected on behalf of healthcare organizations or providers. Any healthcare or pharmacy services not provided directly by The Remedy Realms, an affiliated physician network, or Pharmacy Network may result in separate charges from the relevant healthcare organizations or providers. If your credit card expires or if The Remedy Realms, our affiliates, or our third-party payment processors encounter difficulty processing your payment, you may receive a notification (Email/SMS) prompting you to provide an alternative payment method. The Remedy Realm and/or the relevant healthcare organizations or providers are not obligated to provide any services until full payment is received and/or verified. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment information, including credit card number and billing address, is accurate and up to date at all times.

Subscription Services

The Remedy realm offers certain products or services under a subscription. Model referred to as “Subscription Services.” With subscription services, your selected payment method will be charged automatically at regular intervals. As mentioned in the checkout process, you will submit monthly check in forms and or appointments. If you feel the need to increase dose and have not been able to express such in the survey form or in a visit you must schedule a visit to discuss that with your provider as soon as possible so as to pre-empt the next delivery. If you need additional shipments due to the form not being returned or not arranging a visit in time to meet the need for increase in dose there will be additional fees for which you will be responsible. The purpose of this is to evaluate your progress and initiate a refill for your medication. After completing this monthly check in form, your dosage will be assessed for adjustment. If you do not complete this assessment form, we will automatically send you the same dosage as the previous month. This process is designed to ensure you do not run out of GLP one medication, as consistent use is crucial for its effectiveness. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time.

Scope of medical services

The medical services provided by The Remedy Realm and Avraham Schreiber MD Concierge Services PC are for the limited services of guidance in GLP-1 treatment. Those services are limited in scope to guidance in GLP-1 treatment only and nothing else. For any acute active or ongoing medical symptoms seek out immediate care with a medical facility in your proximity such as an emergency room and any immediately available urgent care or call 911 to attend to active issues. The Remedy Realm does not provide acute, urgent or emergency services. Once you have been stabilized, please make a routine appointment when you can discuss with your Remedy Realm provider to assess and determine if it should alter your treatment with The Remedy Realm. Our providers do not address medical emergencies. Do not proceed with clinical services using The Remedy Realm platform if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should dial 911 and/or go to the nearest emergency room without delay and without waiting for any response from The Remedy Realm or Avraham Schreiber, MD Concierge services PC.

Canceling your The Remedy Realm Subscription

To cancel your Remedy Realm subscription, you may call us or send an e-mail to support@theremedyrealm.com. Cancelation will take effect 30 days after the last shipment. (If a shipment is already in progress a final additional month will be charged.)

Effect of The Remedy Realm Subscription Cancellation

Upon cancellation, you will not incur any further monthly subscription fee payments unless otherwise stated in paragraph above. We recommend consulting with your The Remedy Realm affiliated healthcare professional before discontinuing treatment as abruptly stopping certain medications may affect your health. If desired, you may initiate a new Diagnosis online visit to discuss rejoining the Remedy Realm program.


Except as otherwise stated, in any return or refund policy provided by the Remedy Realm, you acknowledge and agree that fees and charges for products and services purchased through the Remedy Realm are nonrefundable, either in whole or in part. You are fully liable for charges to your account, including any unauthorized charges. Patients who are screened by The Remedy Realm-Affiliated Healthcare professionals who are found ineligible for treatment get a 100% refund.

Subscription and program terms.

The Remedy Realm offers a subscription based service through which eligible members can access limited medical care at the discretion of their provider, including physician services for a recurring monthly fee.

Payment of the remedy realm Subscription Fee

You will have the opportunity to review and agree to the monthly cost of the service (The “the remedy Realm subscription fee”) During the checkout process. Once you enroll in the Remedy Realm program, your subscription fee will be charged to your designated payment card each month until you cancel the service. This fee is non refundable once paid. You may cancel your The Remedy Realm subscription by Contacting our support team via e-mail support@theremedyrealm.com

No guarantee of continued availability

The Remedy Realm and its affiliated professional entities make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the continued availability of the Remedy Realm subscription program. The program may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of the Remedy Realm and or its affiliated professional entities. Members will be given a notice of any such discontinuation to allow them to seek alternative providers for ongoing treatment.

Delivery Policy

The pharmacy typically takes 7 to 10 business days to Receive your medication From the time the order was Submitted. There may be times when volume Of patients ordering from the pharmacy swells unexpectedly or weather or other related shipping issues may arise causing unexpected delays. In general Most people receive their medications 7 to 10 business days after submission To the pharmacy.

Return Policy

Given the specific nature of the medication, any monthly fees that have been paid are non refundable. No medications are returnable and no fees are refundable in part or whole.


Our services are currently only available to individuals located in certain states.


In order to qualify to use the services, the following must be true:·      

Requirements for use

You must have compatible computing and or mobile devices, access to the Internet, and certain necessary software in order to use the sites.