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With convenient telehealth consultations, you can receive professional support and monitoring from the comfort of your home. Join our program today to experience safe and effective weight loss under the supervision of experienced healthcare providers.

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Designed to provide effective results under professional supervision. Our experts ensure that your journey is tailored to your needs, promoting lasting, healthy weight loss. Achieve your health goals confidently with a program focused on safety and long-term success.

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Offering personalized plans and expert guidance. Achieve effective and sustainable results under professional supervision. Take the first step towards a healthier you and see the difference with our proven approach.

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Unlock the Amazing Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Using GLP-1 Peptide Therapy

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers Cholesterol

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Increased Energy

Improved Mental Health

Reduced Food Cravings

Improved Mental Health

Enhanced Confidence

Answers To All Your Questions

How does medical weight loss differ from other weight loss programs?

Medical weight loss programs, like the ones offered at The Remedy Realm, are designed and supervised by medical professionals who specialize in weight management. These programs take into account your unique health profile, including any underlying medical conditions or medications, to create a personalized approach that addresses the root causes of weight gain.

How long does it take to see results with your treatments?

The timeframe for seeing results can vary depending on the specific treatment, your individual health profile, and your adherence to the recommended plan. Some patients may start noticing improvements within a few weeks, while others may require longer. During your consultation, Dr. Schreiber will provide you with realistic expectations and a general timeline based on your unique circumstances.

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds for services provided. We aim for the satisfaction of our clients. If you have any concerns please reach out so we can address them.

What's the cancellation policy?

For a requested at-home appointment, there is no charge if canceled more than ninety minutes before the appointment. If the appointment is canceled within 90 minutes then there is a $150 non-refundable fee.

How do these compare to the brand name drugs?

The FDA-approved brand name drugs, such as Wegovy® and Ozempic® are exclusively available from the Novo Nordisk™ company. Mounjaro™ is exclusively available from Eli Lilly and Company™. The Remedy Realm does not claim any affiliation with, or endorsement from, the above mentioned products or entities. We do not offer any of the above mentioned products, anyone seeking said products should discuss options with their licensed healthcare provider or pharmacist. The Remedy Realm exclusively offers compounded medications, which are made in State Board of Pharmacy licensed sterile compounding pharmacies, or FDA-licensed 503(b) Outsourcing Facilities. While these facilities are strictly regulated, the compounded medications they make are not FDA-approved, as they are compounded based on an individual provider’s prescription for a specified patient. Strength, dose, route of administration, and other variables may make compounded medications different from FDA-approved drugs which makes directly comparing results & risk profile between FDA-approved drugs and compounded drugs difficult. Any compounded drugs prescribed are based on a licensed provider’s medical judgement based on a telehealth encounter and medical history.

Do you accept insurance?

Our prices are geared to save you more than you would purchasing the medications at MSRP and even at coupon offerings. We do not accept or participate with insurance.

We provide transparent pricing clear pricing information during your consultation. We strive to make our treatments as accessible as possible and we are priced well below that of MSRP with or without coupons.

How much does The Remedy Realm cost?

Membership fees cover everything you will need. It includes provider consultation, medication and syringes.

The membership subscription fee for Compounded Semaglutide is just $329 a month. Upgrades available for the 2mg weekly dose at $389 per month and $449 per month for 2.5mg weekly dose.

Compounded Tirzepatide subscription is just $450 a month.  Upgrades available for the 10mg weekly dose at $569 a month and for the 12mg weekly dose at $669 per month. For the maximal weekly dose the fee is $769 a month.

Retatrutide subscription is just $899 a month.  Upgrades available for and the 6mg weekly dose at $1299 and 8mg per week dose for $1599 per month.

How soon will I receive my medication?

After your provider has prescribed a GLP-1 medication we send the prescription to a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy hours are normal weekday business hours. Any prescriptions placed outside normal business hours such as late on a Friday will only first be processed on Monday morning (provided it is not a holiday). Overall, most clients receive their medication within 8-10 business days* from when they speak to their provider. Please note, clients in California may experienced increased fulfillment time due to additional compound testing.

*business days do not include weekends or holidays and are not included in the count of expected days

What is the difference between Tirzepatide, Semaglutide and Retatrutide?

All three medications are in the GLP-1 family.

Semaglutide has activity only as GLP-1 and is therefore a medication with singular activity.

Tirzepatide has activity as GLP-1 AND GIP. It is therefore known as a dual activity medication and it is felt to have enhanced desirable effects.

Retatrutide, the newest in this class has activity as GLP-1, GIP AND Glucagon receptors, giving this newest medication greater effect utilizing three activities of the cell receptors.

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